Plastik Indah offer services in carpet installment, carpet serge, wall paper installment, sofa making, re-upholtery, and services in furnishing needs. We have qualified staffs with years of experiences. We have proper tools and machinery to support our service devisions. Beside our own staff, we also work closely with partners to deliver the best service for customers. We carefully pick our partners to the standard that Plastik Indah offers.

We have done many project in the past. We have serve installment from very simple 'one piece lay of carpet' for a small office to very challenging 'twist and turn room with modified pattern carpet' in a private boat. We did install wallpapers for new home and could did it in a running full of customer butchery shops, even 7 meters high hall. We made a cute sofa for kids, re-upholstered a set of antique chairs, huge sofa lounge at the airport, cushions of dinning table in restaurants, and lots more.

There is nearly no imposible work because we always spend time in survey and re-calculating different possibilities. The most important thing is that we have knowledge in our products and our staffs. When we say "Yes, we can do it", it really means yes with confident.

Our services:

Carpet Istallment
Carpet Serging
Custom Carpet Tufting
Wall Paper Istallment
Wall Deco Making and Istallment
Sofa Making
Custom Pillow
Custom Bed for different function
Custom Linnen